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Acoustic lightings in the shape of a tulip petal by Mario Alessiani

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Mario Alessiani and his minimalist Blossom collection of three sound absorbing lights for BOGAERTS LABEL in the style of tulip flowers, which combine decency, simplicity and functionality. Ceiling abstract lighting consisting of soft sheets covered with acoustic foam and a fabric of your choice, in the shape of a tulip petal. Then a wall panel with a minimalist style and LED light source, and finally a white board also with the possibility of lighting function, for graphic and playful creation in the office. All products have the option of lighting, for a more charming interior and are focused on absolute simplicity and especially functionality. Not without reason, in the past, the tulip was a very valuable and luxurious flower, according to which skilled artists follow their imagination and create pleasant projects like this. Photos below!

Design: Mario Alessiani

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