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Mjölk Architects Built Barn House in Countryside for Young Family

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Architects from the studio Mjölk built a private house for a couple with two children on a large plot of land in the Czech Žebrák, about 60 kilometers from Prague. The family house built next to the existing bungalow uses the rural surroundings and fits perfectly into the mentioned city with its barn design. However, with its style, the building draws the eyes of passers-by.

In this project, the architects focused on feelings, sensations, thinking and quiet beauty. „Stop for a moment and think, perceive, feel, touch, listen. Sometimes it’s not necessary to say something and just for a moment become part of things around. Maybe then those things will start to make sense“, write the architects. From an architectural point of view, it is a monumental building with a mysterious atmosphere.

The two-storey volume with an area of 125 m2 is built in a rectangular shape rising into the sky like a church. The façade is lined with Siberian spruce wood and the asymmetrically placed windows give the building a bit of rebellion. Inside hides timeless white interior with a pleasant family atmosphere.

The first floor consists of a bright kitchen area, a living room with a nine-meter high ceiling and a perfect collection of art photographs on the walls. Large windows illuminate the rooms, while the high ceiling gives them airiness. „Visitors of the generous interior space feel difficult to understand it. They don’t understand nine meters high living room always saying why didn’t you rather add more rooms and why there are so many stairs in the house. It’s hard to explain because the feeling is not transferable. It’s just because of beauty.“ The epoxy screed floor continues to a multi-arm staircase, after which the owners get to the second floor where two bedrooms are located.

Area: 125 m²
Location: Žebrák, Czech Republic
Architects: Mjölk
Photography: BoysPlayNice

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