The Montebar Villa: Angular House Lined with Gray Stone Tiles

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The Montebar Villa, a project of the studio JM Architecture, looks like an incredibly stylish fortification with a view of the Swiss Alps. The whole house and the sloping roof are made of the same material, thermally insulated wooden elements covered with gray tiles so that the architects achieve the integrity of the facade. „The final cladding material uniforming the shell is a ventilated façade with porcelain stoneware tiles and an invisible fastening system.“
The back of the house is as if closed where light only comes through narrow vertical windows, while the front is absolutely open through a glass panorama towards the outer southern slope with vineyards. „Every face of the shell has been designed tile by tile, with a  dynamic pattern composed with three different formats, and many tiles have mitered edges.“ The interior is like the opposite of the exterior facade: white colors, light furniture and simple lines. Three bedrooms, a large living room, kitchen and other rooms have an asymmetrical floor plan, the only small attic has symmetrical rectangular children’s rooms. With its square and gray appearance, the house fit into the mountainous surroundings of the Swiss vegetation. „High standards of energy saving have been adopted to keep low maintenance costs during the four seasons.“
Built Area: 200 square meters. Photography: Jacopo Mascheroni. Location: Switzerland.

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