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Snow-white Cabin in Canadian Vibes

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Poisson Blanc or “White Fish” from French is a beautiful project of a 1200 meter square cottage set in uneven terrain. So let’s cool off in a two-story, modest but icy cabin from studio Naturehumaine in Laurentides, QC, Canada, overlooking a nearby lake and wooded vegetation. The first floor is slightly embedded in the terrain and there is a lounge, storage and two rooms. The second floor, finished with an outdoor terrace, contains a living room with a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. The interior is tuned to the last detail in a minimalist design and a natural accent in the form of pale wood furniture, and wonderful views await the family here, thanks to the panoramic windows. From the monochrome building as a whole, however, do not feel the cold atmosphere at all, on the contrary, it brings the warmth of home and coziness and “less is sometimes more” applies here! Photos: Raphaรซl Thibodeau. Materials: wooden walls, titanium roof and integrated storage units made of maple veneer panels.

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