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Cloud Gate style water slides

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The British company SplinterWorks is a collaboration between Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington, two designers who have transformed their passion into product design and in this company they create original pieces of aesthetic pool slides, washbasins and various furniture. Most slides are really boring and mostly the same looking thing, but these works of art with a mirror style give the product a completely different dimension. They are free-standing without any foundations and can serve not only in summer but also in cold weather in the form of an artistic sculpture something like Cloud Gate in Chicago. They are made of stainless and marine steel with exceptional resistance to high temperatures and even have an internal cooling system. Steel slides, designed not only for children, are handmade and with a time interval of about three months, while designers look at your requirements and climatic conditions in which the slide will be placed, so that they can perfectly match your wishes to the real world. The cold but absolutely charming toboggans will not leave your exterior or interior just ordinary, and certainly on the first family visit, all eyes will fall on this aesthetically entertaining thing. Beautiful design by SplinterWorks, photos below!

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