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Hypnotic Balance of Black Balloons by Tadao Cern

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The artist Tadas Cerniauskas alias Tadao Cern and his project Black Balloons is a wonderful mixture pointing to order and chaos, which really differ from each other but at the same time complement each other. Tadao’s first attempt at installation was to tie two black balloons with helium and sulfur fluoride into a glass showcase, when he found a magical atmosphere in this monochrome sculpture and began creating larger and larger works. When we look at the balloons, they create a bit of childish spontaneous feelings in us, but their austere black color puts us in the momentary reality. Here comes the idea of stopping or slowing down, and when you observe a substantially empty balloon, you perceive your presence until it moves or bursts. Then everything starts moving again! Let yourself be brought into the world of Tadao’s illusions that play with visual art, deep thoughts and simple compositions. His installations have been exhibited in New York, Paris and several other major cities.

„I consider art field as a laboratory for Homo Sapiens where each art piece is an experiment helping to distinguish our actions/interactions and natural behavior boundaries – as an artist you can document, change, create or get rid of them“ Tadao Cern

Design: Tadao Cern

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