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Modern pavilion in the lap of nature

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The series called Living room pavilion was created by clever architects from RHIZOME. The goal of this project is to create a modern hotel design in nature, outside civilization but still in a luxurious and modern connection. The pavilion is located 120 kilometers from St. Petersburg on Lake Ladoga, which is an ideal place to escape from the duties of urban life and gain new energy. The pavilion has geometric shapes, which creates originality and uniqueness. The dominant feature is the panoramic glazing of most of the building, so that the pavilion completely blends in with nature. The interior is very subtle and minimalist, made of oak and pine wood. In the front is a large day-room, a library and even a bar area. At the top of the house is a roof terrace, which can be used in any weather and turn into a bar in the open air or just a cozy place overlooking the lake. Just visit the place.

Architecture: RHIZOME
Photography: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov

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