Casa 3000: Dynamic Red Architecture in the Middle of Portuguese Forest

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When we used to draw houses on paper as children, how many of you drew it a little humorously in red? There will probably be more of us! Rebelo de Andrade designed a project that excels in its contrasting and red color in the Portuguese scenery of green forests. „Design of the house seems as childlike as the drawings children produce even before primary school.“ The house with a farm building is located on a plot of 500 hectares, while the architects focused on energy sustainability. „The solar panels and thermal collectors produce more energy than the house consumes, for this house is averse to energy wastage.“
The outer facade is covered with red panels that continue to the roof of a smaller farm building and a residential area which is situated in a larger building. But let’s go to the interior, which no longer experiences such a dominant design, but hides the commonness and softness of the interior environment where the white walls meet with wooden equipment and subtle red elements. The boldness of this design has no limits because the red color is a bit of a crazy idea in architecture, but the Casa 3000 project is proof that any fantasy of great designers can be materialized.
Area: 400m2; Location: Alcácer do Sal, Portugal; Photography: João Guimarães.

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