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Pine Wood Cabin Hidden on Top of Norwegian White Mountain by Erling Berg

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Natural, ecological and unobtrusive, such is the cabin by the great architect Erling Berg, which he built on top of the Norwegian mountain Kvitfjell. Year-round usable cabin, whose main goal is to bring the warmth of home to the family on winter holidays in the snowy surroundings of the White Mountain.

The narrow cottage is covered with pine wood, thanks to which it merged with the surrounding nature of the austere but peaceful forest. If you notice, the wooden slats, which are placed vertically on the cabin, continue along the entire length of the walls for an even design and slightly hide large windows. „The exterior, both walls, and the roof is wrapped in untreated wood panels that will naturally grey over time.”

The small entrance door opens a wooden interior which reflects the outer shell and the wood thus continues throughout all rooms, including the high ceiling. The interior of the cabin is heated by electric underfloor heating and a small fireplace, so cold evenings will be pleasant inside. The evenly stretching and longer part of the house consists of a living room with a dining table and a rear kitchen, two bedrooms and one bathroom. „The entire interior is wrapped in white oiled pine – keeping the light of the space in the darker winter hours.” The master bedroom with a small bathroom is stored in an extended part of the cabin which becomes a wonderful refuge for a young family.

„Following the topography of the plot, the main living spaces and the en-suite are lowered in the landscape, with vaulted ceilings, creating a spacious atmosphere where the cold nature outside connects with the warm interior through the larger glass openings.”

Year: 2021
Area: 145 m²
Architecture: Erling Berg
Photography: Alejandro Villanueva

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