Fun meeting table by Duffy London

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The British company Duffy London, which focuses on innovative furniture with a deeper idea and art, has created a fun and functional desk for your office. Swing Table is a bit of a crazy minimalist idea that eliminates all stereotypical meetings in your work environment. Ordinary chairs replaced by pleasant swings for a more relaxed atmosphere. In some ways, it’s the perfect stress reliever, because your employees can go back to childhood for a while. The table is also designed for a relaxation zone or for your meetings where you can come up with new ideas and thoughts for your company. The size of the table is from 4 to 12 seats and of course it can be adjusted according to your requirements. This unique table is made to order from walnut and oak wood by local artisans and in-house craftsmen in England, with a delivery time of 8 to 12 weeks. I don’t think you’ll find a more fun table for your office anymore! Photos below!

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