Tropicana by Yerce: Installation in Middle of Fair is Reminiscent of Great Gatsby’s Bar

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Istanbul’s architectural studio Yerce designed a beautiful green “stop” where people can refresh themselves and gain some energy in the closed space of the fair. It was their main goal to turn the monochrome and large space, which is often tiring for visitors, into a lively place full of tropical plants with a design as if you were entering the royal court. „Taking into consideration the long hours people spend in such tiring enclosed spaces, the concept of a ‘refreshment stop’ where they would experience the outdoors while being indoors was developed“, the architects write. This bubble consists of a pleasant cafe, a stylish bar and a seating area where each historical decoration has its place and the visitor is momentarily moved into the style of the movie The Great Gatsby.   

Visitors will find the main entrance to the white structure next to a huge wall of live plants, in front of which a live jazz band plays, which makes the overall atmosphere more pleasant. „In line with this concept a permeable, lacy structure-shell was designed.“ The checkerboard floor defines the space for the wooden tables from the café and the bright blue color reminds us of the sunny sky in connection with the forest scenery behind the waiter. „In the second inner shell were the product display area and the cafe area, designed to be further differentiated by the inner structure and flooring material.“

Area: 350 m2. Location: Hannover I Germany. Team: Nail Egemen Yerce, Ayça Taylan, Ali Ünal Özger. Photography: Yerce Art Photography – Emin Emrah Yerce.

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