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Modern loft for a young and creative couple

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The apartment with an area of 171.4 square meters is a perfect place for a young couple loving design and uniqueness in the interiors world, where warm and cold shades alternate. Loft in which several rooms and zones intersect, each with its own features and textures, as well as a separate terrace from which you have a panoramic view of the city. linea architects are known for their minimalist designs, just like in this case, where everything has its place and it fits perfectly into it. The stump of a tree in the middle of the room or a hanging retro bicycle and many other creative pieces bring a pleasant and original atmosphere to this space. Brick elements in apartments are not very often used, but we can say that there is no need to be afraid to experiment with elements such as concrete, glass, ceramics or wood. The interior reminds us a bit of an industrial space with a more modern touch. Photos below!

Design: linea architects
Team: Dmitry Petrov, Ekaterina Rodina
Photography: Oleg Bajura

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