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Child Proof Cannabis Container by Andrew Ferrier

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In Colorado, the number of children hospitalized by accidentally eating cannabis, which often looks like candy, has increased by 34%. Andrew Ferrier, an award-winning industrial designer, came up with a functional modern solution to keep these things out of the reach of children. However, the aesthetic-looking container offers not only the safe storage of marijuana, but also the prevention of mold and moisture and the maintenance of CBD and THC levels. The humidity is automatically adjusted by a ceramic system and can be controlled by an adjustable dial on the top of the container. The ceramic system works by having two types of reusable ceramics: one that releases humidity (a common earthenware) and one that absorbs humidity (earthenware with food safe silica beads inside). Inside the container, which has a programmable lock, you will find an organizer with trays for various types of cannabis. We think it’s a great and functional design! Andrew chose three inconspicuous soft colors so as not to unnecessarily attract children’s attention, and a targeted group of people can safely use cannabis, whether for recreational or medical purposes.

Design: Andrew Ferrier

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