Finn Lough Resort: Silence of Natural Forests Combined with Sophisticated Architecture

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Rebelo de Andrade, an architectural studio, breathed a little mystery into the unique geometric zones of the recreation center of Finn Lough in Northern Ireland. The architects have created inconspicuous dark cabins that blend in with the natural scenery stretching around each room. „Interior is lined in burnt wood, helping to dissimulate the volumes in the encompassing nature.“ Unconventional spas will take you on a two-hour route through a raw forest like Alice in Wonderland, where you can enjoy pleasant procedures. A Finnish sauna awaits you, after which you can cool off in the lake, an herbal sauna with a view after which you can move to the whirlpool with incredible scenery. „As the mist disperses you see the lake, the hills dotting the landscape and the volumes that make up the spa.“
Finally, you get to the relaxation area with the homely atmosphere of a warm fireplace, reading or enjoying the silence. At Finn Lough, visitors can undisturbed disconnect from everyday life and immerse themselves in their body in these minimalist cabins. „The organisation, colour and lighting of each one is different and specific, reflecting the therapeutic personality of each space. These operate as verses in a poem whose meaning – as with all good poems – is different each time you read it.“
Location: Enniskillen, Irlanda do Norte (UK); Area: 100 m2; Client: Finn Lough Resort; Architecture: Luís Rebelo de Andrade, Pedro Duarte Silva, Anna Buono; Photography: João Guimarães – JG Photography.

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