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Ziedlejas: Wellness in National Park Refers to Latvian Traditions Connected with Nature

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Ziedlejas is a natural wellness resort located in the middle of the Gauja National Park, favoring a peaceful atmosphere combined with Latvian history and contemporary design.

Visitors will find here peaceful zones of a quiet forest under the infinite universe in small cozy cabins designed by architects from Open AD. They worked closely with the owners and together created a mysteriously beautiful oasis of peace where guests can relax from everyday city life. „From day one this has not been a project with a clear start and end, but rather an ongoing process based on rational decision making in light of changing trends, the social and economic climate“, write the architects of the project.

Going back to the past, Latvian tradition says that saunas were part of the daily lives of their ancestors. At the Ziedlejas Resort, the sauna ritual is provided by professionals who accompany guests through a variety of techniques, from physical baths and massages to pampering the psyche and soul. After such procedures, it is good to have a cup of herbal “wilderness” tea from their own garden. „Thanks to the neighbouring herb patches, guests can literally pick and mix their own herbal tea blend.“

At a minimum distance from the pond is the first white sauna “baltā pirts”. The people in the upper cabins thus have their personal privacy. This rectangular concrete structure bordered by stones and grass is set in asymmetrical land. The interior of the white sauna is in pleasant earthy colors and natural materials with a herb ceiling. The second smoke sauna “melnā pirts” made of spruce wood is located deep in the forest surrounded by tall trees and looks more raw in appearance similar to classic old cottages. „While the sauna buildings remain traditional in terms of their purpose, we made sure to enhance functionality and overall aesthetics from a contemporary design perspective.“

In euphoria and relaxing after the saunas, guests can stay in cozy cabin apartments under the stars. The cabins with a size of 24 m2 are fully equipped and in addition to the Internet, you will find everything important for a comfortable rest in nature. The architects designed houses made of durable steel and glazed panels with a very fine and contemporary modern interior. By sliding the bed out of the wall cabinet, the glass room becomes a bedroom for the night, on the contrary, during the day it is possible to pull out a minimalist table from the floor and the living room is born. „Everything here is as local as can be with a deep respect towards craftsmanship, the environment and the growing human desire to reconnect with nature.“

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Architects: Open AD (Team: Zane Tetere – Sulce, Dace Bula, Zane Legzdina, Beatrise Dzerve, Alvis Petrovskis, Eva Heidingere – Jukama)
Landscape Design: Girts Runis, Landshape
Photography: Alvis Rozenbergs

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