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Wormhole inspired lamp by Will Gibbons

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To travel through space you don’t just have to use a wormhole in, just place this unique futuristic Lamp in your room! Talented designer Will Gibbons, who likes to work with the story and the meaning, that makes us come to deeper thoughts, showed us his fantastic concept of room lighting, inspired by the universe. So he designed a lamp, next to which you can discuss with friends about interesting scientific theories. For a better picture of the wormhole, Interstellar movie perfectly illustrated how space movement works with a three-dimensional shortcut, it looks like this lamp stand. The illumination is made of colorless plastic, so that LEDs reminiscent of glowing stars stand out. The modern lamp originated from the passion for design and creative skill of the clever designer Will, whose work we love to share. Photos below!

Design: Will Gibbons

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