Cottage De La Canardière Hides Elegant Interior Designed by Boom-Town

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„Observed from the lake, it gives the impression of a haven.“

The magnificent residence, designed by the architectural studio Boom-Town for two siblings, has an impressive view of a Canadian lake and a truly timeless design. Two asymmetrical volumes built on a slope near the forest fit perfectly into the environment with their appearance and the black-wooden facade seems to “respect its environment”, the architects write. „The parcelling out of its shapes made its integration with the landscape possible.“
Cottage De La Canardière has a very stylish interior with immense simplicity, and a modern glass staircase connects the two levels of the building. „The living space, which is arranged on two levels, takes advantage of plunging views onto the lake.“
In the lower part there is a pleasant living room in a modern look where the center of the space is definitely a huge fireplace, while the dark kitchen with dining room is a bit hidden and partially separated by small stairs. The upper part, slightly extended from the lower shape of the house, has four bedrooms and each of them has its own bathroom. „The upper area, which takes on the shape of a distinctive gabled-roof house, looks out to the lake through a cantilever, while the lower area anchors to the slope.“
Area: 3600 sq. ft. with garage and screen porch. Architect: atelier Boom-Town. Interior Design: MJ Design and atelier Boom-Town. Photographer: Steve Montpetit.

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