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Two Worlds in One Space: Room On The Roof by Studio i29

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Artists, designers and writers or anyone with an artistic soul will appreciate the Room in the roof project in Amsterdam, where they can fully focus on their art. Studio i29 was commissioned to renovate the interior of the historic tower located in the building where De Bijenkorf is based. Finished works created in the tower so artists can exhibit in the interior of the building or as an installation in the city.
„De Bijenkorf integrates retail, art, culture and design in order to surprise and inspire customers.“
But let’s go to the interior! Designers, interior magicians have created a fairytale environment in which artists will feel like Alice in Wonderland. A spiral black staircase, transitions between rooms where wood alternates with a white facade and extremely cozy nooks into which you can get up the stairs, all so that visitors open their minds and gain an endless imagination.
„Each level gives a new perspective and view to the outside world.“
From floor to ceiling they have placed a wooden installation in which there is a minimalist “bedroom”, a miniature pantry and a table for writing or eating. The side opposite is the whole in a white tone with white furniture, which you will find here in a minimal amount to create an interesting contrast.
„Two worlds in one space, designed around the stunning view from the tower.“

Floor area: 16 m2
Design: i29
Photography: Ewout Huibers
Client: De Bijenkorf

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