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Lofty gray in the interior by Katerina Shahmanova

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We are looking at a detailed and perfectly thought-out work by the skilful designer Katerina Shahmanova. The project is a combination of black and gray colors, which is definitely a big win for individuals who love elegance, style and a touch of luxury. Spacious apartment with rustic features will be liked more by men, for its uniqueness and dominance of dark elements. See a wonderful combination of neutral colors in the interior with a specific style. Photos below!

Design: Katerina Shahmanova

Surreal sneakers by Antoni Tudisco

Another series of unrealistic crazy illustrations by the great Antoni Tudisco. The stunning graphics are more like incredible digital art that you really don’t encounter

Autumn interior decorations in concept

Istanbul studio BetterThings, together with other skilful designers and creators, have created a project of autumn decorations for your table, room and the overall look

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