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Lofty gray in the interior by Katerina Shahmanova

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We are looking at a detailed and perfectly thought-out work by the skilful designer Katerina Shahmanova. The project is a combination of black and gray colors, which is definitely a big win for individuals who love elegance, style and a touch of luxury. Spacious apartment with rustic features will be liked more by men, for its uniqueness and dominance of dark elements. See a wonderful combination of neutral colors in the interior with a specific style. Photos below!

Design: Katerina Shahmanova

Vegetable lamp by NirMeiri

A lamp made of cabbage? Yes, you are reading correctly, this wonderful ecological product of the lamp was created by the collaboration of the London

No models by Eva Milkonskaya

Without models

The experiment of Russian photographer Eva Milkonskaya looks really great. She’s supposed to show us what her shots look like without models. Nature itself is

Industrial loft by Alexander Bokhan

The loft apartment, designed by the skillful designer and architect Alexander Bokhan, has a very specific style that will immediately enchant you. Lofts are among

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