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Raulino Silva Built Minimalist Modern Villa in Portuguese Countryside

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The sunny Portuguese village of Vila do Conde is the perfect place for a luxury villa such as Rio Mau 2 by the great architect Raulino Silva. The building is set on a larger plot of land with a distance of 35 meters from the street, writes the architect. „Entrance to the house is performed by the eastern side, and most areas are facing the side garden and swimming pool, oriented to the West.“

The one-storey house has a rectangular shape with a protruding garage and an entrance hall where on the opposite side the owners will find a minimalist pool bordered by stone paving. The living area consists of a living room, kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms, office and bathroom. Large windows add airiness to the interior, those windows are almost the entire length of the facade and the sun creates a wonderful play with shadows through them. You really won’t find unnecessary decorations here, the designers adhered to a minimalist style where pale shades predominate in combination with timeless furniture.

Location: Vila do Conde, Portugal
Architecture: Raulino Silva
Photo: João Morgado

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