Minima Moralia: Minimalist Pop Up for Creative Artists in Central London

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Minima Moralia is a pop up space for designers, musicians, sculptors and all lovers of creating something creative in their cozy bubble. In this case, in an almost transparent cube. This project is a social experiment that draws attention to the current state of increased rents in London, which climb to such an extent that “ordinary” people do not have funds for art. „Creativity should not be linked to a social status“, the creators write. Tomaso Boano & Jonas Prišmontas decided to build small pop ups around the city, which will be temporarily occupied by artists. „The space allows a glimpse into the creative process and the crafting abilities that take place inside.“ A project with a huge idea and style where public use is connected with private work, creation and lifestyle of the artist himself, located in the cabin. „Minima Moralia is a critical installation, a manifesto of social hope with no political intention.“

Take a laptop, drawings, sewing or tools and start creating in a pleasantly separate universe stored in the middle of the social world. From an architectural point of view, the live working studio is made of a steel frame with a vertical folding window for direct contact with the outside world in a minimalist and practical form.

„The window: an elegant vertical unfolding opening with a feel at home quality.“ „The canopy: a folded opening that lifts to reveal one side of the workspace.“

Design: Tomaso Boano & Jonas Prišmontas. Collaborators: Wilson Lam. Special Thanks to: Chhavi Bansal.

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