Luxury Charming Villa by SAOTA

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Architectural studio SAOTA has once again enchanted us with its award-winning magical and luxurious residence, from which you will have goosebumps on your body for a long time to come. The house is situated under the peak of Lion’s Head from which the family has an extreme view of the sunlit Bantry Bay in Cape Town. The area of ​​the site has 2879 square meters on which is set a huge two-storey villa with a rectangular texture and a dominant style, and facing the terraces for a viewing experience. The house is a perfect combination of natural materials, colors and glass elements, which transforms a concrete building into a sculptural gem that stands out in its surroundings. With an interior area of 2023 square meters, the designers really delved into the last details. There are 8 unobtrusive but unique bedrooms with bathrooms, open kitchens in a wooden effect and cozy hidden places on the terrace with elegance. The mentioned architectural studio brought its magnificent skills to a layered house with a magical design, where there is an amazing connection of light passing through the glass, the facades of the aesthetic house and the dominant environment, where the family enjoys the presence of all seasons. Let yourself be carried away by the luxurious architectural experience from the screens, photos below! Project Team: Philip Olmesdahl, Tamaryn Fourie, Joe Schützer-Weismann, Thaabe Ramabina & Erin Gibbs; Collaborators: Studio Parkington; Photography: Adam Letch.

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