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Dina interactive lamp with a deeper idea

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MOAK Studio, which is creating unique concepts, shares their important project with us, where we have to think a little about our daily switching on of the light, which we have more or less stopped appreciating and we take it for granted. Do you know that with useless lighting we also waste and pollute our planet? But what if we had to pay before each turn on of the light? Colombian studio and talented designers Kelly Durango and Mauricio Sanin have chosen a more amusing and pleasant pointing out this topic. Beautiful minimalist lamp Dina, which lights up after inserting a coin with a larger value and we realize how important light is. Almost the whole is made in a 3D printer, and the designers have chosen a simple look with pleasant colors, which makes it a wonderful addition to any apartment. We should not take light for granted and teach this too our children, what can be a lot of fun with this lamp. We like to share projects with a deeper idea and this is one of them. Dina on Kickstarter. Photos and video are below!

Design: MOAK Studio, Kelly Durango, Mauricio Sanin

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