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Balthazar: An Underground Wine Bar in Olive Style

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The reconstruction of the building, which is protected by UNESCO, was a great challenge for the architect Rina Lovko, but we think that she realized it in the style of a beautiful bar space reworked to the last detail. Balthazar is an olive underground bar in Kiev in the environment of the Bessarabian market, but there were several obstacles that the architects had to solve during the reconstruction. One of the reconstructions was the increase of the ceilings, while for several months they worked only at night, when they removed the sand and thus gained the desired height. Another problem was the entrance, where they had to reach a certain height and depth of stairs to protect guests from falling. However, this did not discourage the architect and designers and they created a cozy space in a brick dress, where you will find zones with comfortable seating and sofas in the old nostalgic style, with a huge charm and elegance. Rina Lovko said that it was one of the most difficult projects, but they gained new experience. In Balthazar you will definitely enjoy not only the charming atmosphere but also good wine and dinner. Beautiful project!

Design: Rina Lovko
Photography: Yevhenii Avramenko


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