Love of Clothes in Artistic Form

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„I wanted to create paintings that wouldn’t just hang on the wall as a plain visual expression of something that has happened to me or I experienced in any other way“ Tadao Cern

Imagine when you were smaller and the coat in the hall reminded you of your mother, who you had been waiting so curiously. These childlike innocent thoughts remained in the great artist Tadao Cern, and so he created an intimate and charming work of art, reminiscent of a gentle soul flying over the surface. The main idea of creative installations is a love of clothing, that are part of our daily lives and through “painting” immerses you in the unexplored intimate world of art and painting. At first glance, the colored wool on the metal structure may seem strange or paranormal to you, but Tadao has a really huge feeling for art with a deep thought and a kind of playfulness.

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