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Industrial loft style by Damir Fattakhov

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Damir Fattakhov is an architect living in Warsaw, who creates unique interiors and exteriors. Together with Pak Olga created a beautiful apartment. Apartment is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan and has the perfect space and incredible freedom. Damir chose an excellent combination of materials and colors in a fine industrial style. To this style fits solid furniture to fill the space. It is a perfectly created place to live. In each room there is a different wallpaper, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and you will definitely avoid stereotypical living. The authors finally made the entire interior to the smallest detail. Photos below!

Design: Damir Fattakhov

Unusual work table by Simonas Palovis

Supposedly “sitting is modern smoking”, therefore we should pay more attention to the daily bad habits that accompany us, which can otherwise lead to health

Minimalist lamp by Vedran Erceg

Product designer Vedran Erceg and founder of the studio Sve created a modern lamp with a specific shape with thin legs that hold the light

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