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Natural watch concept by Mauricio Sanin

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When the love of work and skillful hands of designer Mauricio Sanin come together, a unique project like this must always be created! Absolutely pleasant minimalist watch, which has the discreetly built-in functions that you need, so you avoid the ugly fashion accessory on your hand. A circular wooden device where you can see the time or an incoming call with a soft LED light, which makes them a completely elegant and unusual watch with a bit of natural style. You can choose between a leather or plastic bracelet. Perfect idea, photos below!

Design: Mauricio Sanin

Unusual work table by Simonas Palovis

Supposedly “sitting is modern smoking”, therefore we should pay more attention to the daily bad habits that accompany us, which can otherwise lead to health

Surreal sneakers by Antoni Tudisco

Another series of unrealistic crazy illustrations by the great Antoni Tudisco. The stunning graphics are more like incredible digital art that you really don’t encounter

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