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Natural watch concept by Mauricio Sanin

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When the love of work and skillful hands of designer Mauricio Sanin come together, a unique project like this must always be created! Absolutely pleasant minimalist watch, which has the discreetly built-in functions that you need, so you avoid the ugly fashion accessory on your hand. A circular wooden device where you can see the time or an incoming call with a soft LED light, which makes them a completely elegant and unusual watch with a bit of natural style. You can choose between a leather or plastic bracelet. Perfect idea, photos below!

Design: Mauricio Sanin

Automatic feeder PETWIN for pets

Dabin Lee and her beautiful design of a modern and automatic PETWIN pets food feeder. The feeder is designed for several animals at once and

südtirol home by noa

Südtirol Home by noa* architects

„Is it possible to taste, smell, and feel a country? Yes, it is. With the finest nuances, noa* brings the Südtirol-Home’ guests in Antholz on

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