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Lez Arquitetura Cleverly Expanded Social Spaces in Modern Family Residence

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The extension of the family residence Casa Anexo is a reflection of a large family that loves openness, spaciousness and above all a great design where they can meet friends. The Brazilian studio Lez Arquitetura designed a stylish enlargement of the social spaces that the family needed. The open terrace with access to the garden and a small whirlpool is covered with a massive metallic pergola and slightly expands the interior space to the exterior. The living room in earthy colors is more or less simple and with natural materials and elements it forms a pleasant space together with a magnificent kitchen unit and its 6 meter long wooden board. The total size of the expansion of the space is 185 square meters in which the designers placed a smaller bedroom, bathroom and a spacious garage. „It is practical construction for the everyday life, with modern and contemporary elements, consisting of simple materials, in neutral tones, which harmonize with each other and create coziness.“
Photographs: Joana França.

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