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Singapore apartment pushes the boundaries of minimalism

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3D visualization of a Singapore apartment is a project that pushes the boundaries of minimalism to a higher level. Studio 932 Designs focused on functional and simple architecture share with us this wonderfully delicate apartment intended more for a young couple, perceiving interior design on a different level. The smaller apartment with great style is united in a raw sandy color, which stretches throughout the space enriched with quality materials and stylish furniture. The basis of minimalism is certainly simplicity, functionality and a feeling of freedom, which the designers have done excellently. The ceiling of the apartment are vertical panoramic windows recessed along the entire length of the apartment for extreme views. Great design!

Design: 932 Designs

Vacation House by Tharik Mohammed

Vacation forest house

Tharik Mohammed is a designer who specializes in 3D interior visualization. Comes from India, but currently lives in Hamburg, Germany. This design will surely appeal

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