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Magnificent House in Japanese Style

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Sergey Makhno Architects and their unusual project which brought a bit of the Japanese world to the capital of Ukraine. A huge dark residence called “OKO House” brings us to a two-level house with an unusual structure, clean lines and moderate colors. Japanese architecture is known for the simplicity of the interior and the beauty of the architecture combined with nature, thus creating perfect harmony. The architects created a sophisticated open space outside with unusual sculptures and elements with the feeling that you entered a modern Japanese museum. Two different spaces, interior and exterior, are minimally separated by concrete panels and typical Japanese walls, behind which is hidden a perfect fireplace in the shape of a cube and a pleasant sitting in a magnificent style. Through a large round window in the form of an “eye”, guests have a perfect view of a typical Japanese garden with everything that belongs to it. The noble design with an extraordinary atmosphere was mastered by the architects brilliantly! Photos below.

Architecture: Sergey Makhno Architects

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