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Iceland from a bird’s eye view by Vadim Sherbakov

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Would you ever like to fly over Iceland and see the breathtaking nature from a bird’s eye view? Because the Russian artist Vadim Sherbakov, with a number of beautiful projects, who is also a passionate photographer and video maker, has made a short film about this peaceful country, where the locals still believe in elves. It’s his two-year work, which basically has no story, but you are amazed to watch the fascinating shots and lines of the immaculate world of Iceland, the green valley, the structure of the river or the fall of a waterfall. The film is shot mostly in the highlands in the southeastern part of this island without people or surrounding houses, which seems a bit mysterious as if it were a place without a sign of life. Slow shots recorded by a drone reminiscent of slow motion, in which time will stop for a moment like on this magical island. Watch a wonderful short film with captivating music that will draw you into the present moment of nature. Video and photos below!

Video, photography: Vadim Sherbakov

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