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Freedom from the Known by Christin Dim

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Photographs often express the inner world of the photographer, but the ones we are writing about now have a much deeper and more important idea. The great photographer Chris Dimitrova breathed into her work the idea of freeing oneself from other people’s and authorities opinions. A sense of freedom in beautiful black and white photos with a kind of crazy shaman living wild as a free bird with wings.

„To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself.“
Albert Einstein

Photography: Chris Dimitrova

Beauty of Age by Laura Zalenga

Beauty of Age by Laura Zalenga

Photographer, traveler and especially artist Laura Zalenga shared with us a magical series of photographs in which she hid a deeper thought of eternal beauty

Futuristic photography of Dubai

19TONES Ernest Em brought us to the futuristic Dubai. It is a city built literally in the desert, where absolutely breathtaking architecture was created, and

THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE by Paolo Barretta - I am Winter

Photography with a deep atmosphere

Shots full of nostalgic atmosphere? This is a talented Italian photographer Paolo Barretta. He shared with us his series named „IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE“.

New York Photography by Toros Köse

Atmosphere of New York life

Designer and photographer Toras Köse from Stockholm captured New York where he currently lives and works. New York is a city that never sleeps and

Man lands on Moon by Edgar Berg

Man on the Moon is a poetic series of photographs by the great photographer Edgar Berg, who was inspired by the historical event from year

Cocktails of Film, Literature and TV by Henry Hargreaves

When the movie mixes your cocktail

Henry Hargreaves is a New Zealand photographer who has worked with talented designer Nicole Heffron on the project: A Cocktail of Film, Literature and Television.

At Night 6 by Andreas Levers

Stunning nightlife street

German photographer Andreas Levers shot an amazing series of nightlife. Stunning blue neon lights that pull us into a mysterious world. The photos look so

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