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Freedom from the Known by Christin Dim

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Photographs often express the inner world of the photographer, but the ones we are writing about now have a much deeper and more important idea. The great photographer Chris Dimitrova breathed into her work the idea of freeing oneself from other people’s and authorities opinions. A sense of freedom in beautiful black and white photos with a kind of crazy shaman living wild as a free bird with wings.

โ€žTo punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself.โ€œ
Albert Einstein

Netherlands by Tom Leighton

Geometric buildings in Netherlands

Symmetrical and contrasting photos as the dark sky, is a collection that reminds us a futuristic sci-fi movie. Tom Leighton is an artist and photographer

The untouchable nature of the Alps

The amazing atmosphere of the snowy Alps was presented by a young photographer Lukas Furlan from Austria. Mountains sun-drenched in an alpine landscape where every

Swimmers by Eszter Sarah

Eszter Sarah is a talented and independent photographer living in Budapest. Her extraordinary series called Swimmers brings us into the world of swimming, water, aesthetic

Color change by Jonas daley

Chinese mountains with color game

Infrared photography is a new trend that prompted Jonas Daley to capture the Chinese Mountains in their most beautiful form. They look like another planet

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