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LIÒN: Restaurant in Rome Impresses with its Sophisticated Design and Deep Blue Color

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The charming LIÒN restaurant between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona in the heart of Rome is designed by the design studio COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO and resembles a pompous palace. Through the large framed windows you can see that the restaurant and cocktail bar are decorated in an impressive modern style of deep blue color and various refined elements. „LIÒN has been designed as part of a historical building from the Rationalist era: the bold lines and the saturated colors in maximalist style, contrast with the austerity of the Palazzo that encompassed it, to give back to the city fragments of the Dolce Vita.”
The kitchen and wine cellar are located on the ground floor of the historic building, while the bar itself calls guests downstairs from the outside street. The interior will envelop you in vivid shades with soft seats in blue or deep red colors that create a spirited contrast. „The use of colour is meticulously modulated: teal, turquoise, red dominate the space and furnishings, from velvet chairs to the continuous sofa with its enveloping shapes, generating a harmonious set of micro and macro elements that compose the project.“ The three-dimensional floor, arched elements on the wall or discs hanging from the ceiling are just hints of what is in the interior of the bar. We think that the designers left a wonderful trail of glam style where it lives on geometry, metal elements, various materials or layering of shades of blue.

Area: 183 sm+27sm
Photographer: Matteo Piazza

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