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Bost: shelf system combined for diverse spaces

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Good storage units are absolutely essential in any living space. Yonoh Creative Studio has created a great Bost shelf system project for Treku. The multifunctional shelf that fits into any interior radiates pure simplicity and functionality. You can use the furniture as one piece for smaller spaces, or vice versa as a large shelf for a large area. With colors and materials, the designers tried to get a combination that fits into almost any space. We can imagine this cozy wooden-metal piece in the living room, office or bookstore, which makes it incredibly multifunctional furniture. A wonderful project. Photos below!

Design: Yonoh Creative Studio

Harmonious furniture NOVIEMBRE

NOVIEMBRE is original furniture with an idea and a sense of usability, created by talented designer JOEL ESCALONA and his team for the BREUER studio,

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