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Soul of Modern Interior Must be Perfect Hi-Fi System like Haus Studio 1

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Designer Shaun Wellens, who works at Rocksalt, designed an incredible and detailed visualization of the music player. The Haus Studio 1 project and its creative processing in computer visualization reflect perfection in the world of music. The dark, minimalist and elegantly stylish set consists of 12 HiFi units that can be used as separate music products. Music enthusiasts and detailists will get their money’s worth with this project. The set consists of 3 source compeners, 3 amplifiers, 4 speakers and many other peripherals. „It was also an opportunity to explore an area of consumer technology in which I’d had no prior knowledge of“, writes the designer. See the amazing design of a music player in a geometric shape that will leave an impression in a modern timeless interior.
„The aim of this project was to execute simple forms and thorough attention to detail, combined with the exploration of robust materials – resulting in something that can only be described as ‘powdered aluminium’.“ More info here!

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