Pyramid Glazed Residence by SAOTA

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A family house in Cape Town with views of the mountains Lion’s Head and Table Mountain will delight you with its unusual upper part. At the first look at the house, you will immediately be struck by an inverted pyramid that brings a completely enchanting atmosphere to the interior, and we think that this is the most interesting part, which with its different appearance opens new borders in the world of architecture. The residence, which you can reach through a massive black door, will show you the perfect connection of austere modern architecture with ordinary nature, where the family will have entrances to the outdoor garden from every level of the house. The house has a total of three levels. In the lower level there are a guest room, cinema, garage and gym, in the middle level a work and bedroom spaces, and the mentioned pyramid contains living areas, an open kitchen, a dining room and a common room. The interior is a combination of warm shades, wood and various nooks with a feeling of coziness and home ending in an infinitely long pool, making beautiful use of its sunny space. Architects: SAOTA; Project Team: Greg Truen, Dov Goldring, Jaco Bruwer, Ian Cox and Puja Patel; Interior Decor: OKHA; Project Photographer: Adam Letch & Micky Hoyle; Landscaping: Franchesca Watson Garden Designer.

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