Courcelette Residence by NatureHumaine

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From the outside, a massive building in a brick facade, but at the entrance to the interior, you will be pleasantly surprised by the inconspicuous interior with a number of receptive nooks and crannies. NatureHumaine renovated a family house from the late 1940s where they had to intervene by opening the back facade to the outdoor garden. Beautiful interior with gentle transitions, where light rays are reflected, consists of a ground floor where living areas are situated and upstairs there are relaxation rooms. If you are looking for a workroom, it is located on an elevated place from where the owners have a view of the surrounding area. Soft colors created an atmosphere of peace and comfort with an emphasis on the detail that the owners were looking for. Area: 350 m2 brut / 3800 sqft. Photo Credit: Adrien Williams; Video Credit: David Dworkind.

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