Lez Arquitetura Designed Small Duplex Apartment for Young Couple in Brazilian City

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The small, stylish and systematically stored apartment from the Brazilian studio Lez Arquitetura radiates with its unique design. „The owners are a friendly and receptive young couple who love to cook and gather friends at home.“ The 44 square meter apartment has two floors where each furniture has its exact location. „They asked us to rethink the apartment’s spaces to fit all the equipment and furniture they wished to have“, the designers write.
The lower floor is exclusively social and the designers subtly divided it into certain zones, which are ingeniously connected to each other. The owners have everything at their fingertips. Earthy colors in subtle shades with timeless materials give the apartment a pleasant airiness where modern design meets ethno decorations. A huge staircase leads a young couple to the top floor where they have a bedroom, a small study and a side monochrome bathroom.
Photography: Júlia Tótoli.

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