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Small budget and efficient design: Cabin by mwworks and its stunning view

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Built by mwworks architecture studio, this small cabin is nestled almost outside of civilization with spectacular views of Hood Canal in Seabeck, Washington. „The simple form is abstracted against the forest – a stark exterior contrasting a warm bright interior.“

Box, as the house was called by the architects, is built on a small plot of approximately 20 square meters. The story of the cabin began when the owners decided to build a family retreat surrounded by nature. They had a smaller budget, but that didn’t stop the architects from building a wonderful nest with a cozy interior and impressive design. Thus, the architects fulfilled the owners’ requirements and at the same time showed that a small budget does not mean not owning an efficient house with high-quality materials. „Intentionally restrained on an existing footprint, the concept grew from this premise – a simple box with large carved openings in both the roof and walls that selectively embrace the views and natural light.“

The exterior of the rectangular building is covered with black cedar wood. Cedar wood is characterized by its long life, which is a great advantage, not to mention its stunning appearance. The total area of the house is 106 square meters. The entrance to the interior is on the southern part, which is basically hidden from the surrounding views from the exit road. „With primary views toward the water, the south and east elevations remain mostly solid, shielding views from the driveway and neighboring properties.“ Panoramic windows located on the north and west sides of the box take care of other views and light. Windows not only bring in natural light, but also a sense of airiness and openness, so that the interior appears larger than it actually is. It is very well thought out. The designers here have created a subtle range of colors in a combination of natural materials, minimalist accessories and custom-made furniture.
„The resulting project hopes to capture the essence of the modern cabin – small in size but much larger than its boundaries.“

Architecture: mwworks
Photography: Andrew Pogue

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