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Polygonal Garden Cabin meets all Requirements for Workstation

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Can you imagine going to work in an office about 25 steps from your house, more precisely in your garden? Hello Wood, based in Budapest, came up with a unique cabin set in a natural environment with an atypical style! The cabin, which at least slightly separates working life from private during quarantine, reminds us a bit of the space capsule, but in the terrestrial version. „In the current pandemic situation, when tens of thousands work from home, it is even more crucial to have a separated, pleasant workplace. After working hours, the room can be converted immediately, we can dedicate time to our favorite sport or it can also function as a sleeping capsule for guests.“
8 square meters of space is insulated and soundproof so that external stimuli do not disrupt work and at the same time you will be pleasantly cold from the heat in the summer and you will not be cold in the winter. If we look inside, we will find a polygonal structure of 15 wooden panels with large enough windows so that you are not just in a closed bubble, but adapt to the outside environment in the comfort of the cabin. „Workstation is the love child of design and architecture; transcending the conventional cube-shape, it is more like a piece of art that blends into the landscape.“ However, the design team at Hello Wood also presented the project as a cozy lounge, children’s hideout or a sophisticated version of the garden house! It’s up to everyone how to arrange the inside of a geometric cube, whether in a minimalist style or bohemian spirit, all you have to do is open your imagination and create your own universe inside. „At last but not least, our main goal is to meet the needs of the present and achieve a more sustainable future: Due to its low energy consumption and environmental focus, building a small house is more environmentally friendly than building a house with traditional technologies and non-renewable materials.“

„The office cabin is manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies; designed on the computer, the blueprint can be instantly forwarded to the CNC machine.”

„Installation takes only a few days; modular prefab homes have the advantage of being delivered in one, so the customer doesn’t have to live at a construction site for months.”

Design & Building: Hello Wood
Creative Idea: András Huszár, Péter Pozsár, Dávid Ráday, Krisztián Tóth
Lead Designer: Péter Pozsár
Project Architect: Tamás Fülöp, László Mangliár
Photography: Zsuzsa Darab

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