Family Character of Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architects

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Imagine a peaceful rampart or a cozy fortress that will protect you from external influences. This is exactly how this literally pleasantly “soft” Manna apartment is supposed to serve, as it is called by architects and design creators from the studio Sergey Makhno Architects. The beautiful 223-square-meter apartment is a nice combination of Ukrainian style with a modern touch and ethnic elements in a unified space, where each member of the family will find his refuge. The centerpiece of the interior is definitely the living room with an inconspicuous kitchen and a large dining table, above which rise ceramic lamps designed by Sergey Makhno. Furthermore, we will find three bedrooms with an extremely cozy atmosphere, which will give each member of the family their personal shelter with their own seclusion. Ethnic touch with a bit of wabi-sabi philosophy mixes with soft brown shades that fit perfectly into the wooden texture, ceramic elements and an amazing balance of practicality with minimalism.

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