Pixel Book Pro: Best Tech Features in One Laptop

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Imagine combining the best elements from the technological world into one product! This was done by industrial designer Ayush Singh Patel. He was not afraid to be inspired by great brands and beautiful design, thanks to which the perfect concept of the Pixel Book Pro notebook was created. This unobtrusively attractive notebook with metal edges is inspired by the good old iPhone 4S / 5 and a design like Google Pixelbook that will impress with its original shape. The 360-degree opening of the hinges was inspired by the stylish Lenovo Yoga Book. Great Bang & Olufsen speakers guarantee great sound! Pixel Book Pro is basically a unification of the best design and the most practical technological elements. It definitely has something to show us in today’s online world!

„Asus ROG inspired Cooling vents“

„Microsoft Surface Book inspired de-bossed metal plated branding“

„Microsoft Surface Book Inspired felt keyboard with Suede as a material replacement“

„Apple iPhone 11 Pro Inspired colorway“

„Oneplus Nord Inspired Colorway“

„Apple Macbook Pro inspired colorway and CGI“

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