Idyllic Hotel Room in Style of James Bond by Sivak+Partners

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A hotel apartment project that James Bond fans should pay attention to! Alexey Gulesha from Sivak+Partners designed a visualization of an impressive, a bit raw and at first glance cold apartment in a hotel. The room should be used primarily for relaxation and therefore in the interior you will find a minimum amount of unnecessary elements for an undisturbed atmosphere. Alexey wanted to achieve that even at first glance, stony and raw materials can become soft parts of the space. „So, for example, a soft carpet will seem even softer if before that you walked on a hard cold concrete floor,“ says the designer.
The most unusual is a nested round bathtub in a glass bathroom. When used, the bathroom becomes a private space thanks to intelligent glazing, which becomes opaque. „I really wanted to make bathing in this room look like bathing in a hot spring“. Notice the walls that retain a kind of earthly roughness which acts as a perfect luxury den in the cave. We think that a more idyllic hotel room probably doesn’t exist! Area: 134 sq.m.

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