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TTSWTRS: Minimalist Shop with Reflection of Urban Style by aisel architects

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Historic Ukrainian Street Richelievska Str. in Odessa acquired a minimalist and stylish store TTSWTRS with a smaller cafe, and a clothing store behind the glass partition. The design studio aisel architects has transformed the former office space into an incredibly stylish 61-square-meter shop with a cool urban-style atmosphere. The historic building behind the glass window hides the most minimalist shop in the district. The designers decided to incorporate the material from the dismantling of the space, so in the front there is a large brick wall in conjunction with modernist equipment and various industrial elements. „The brand owner’s idea was to use refrigerators as display cases for clothes.“ In the front room there is a smaller cafe with a rest area and in the back behind the glass partition is a shop. The use of white on all the walls in the store has the task of making the pieces of clothing in this “white cube” stand out, together with a test booth made of industrial blinds. An ideal place for a young community to relax with coffee or shopping where you can see the reflection of urban style, minimalism and good atmosphere.

Architecture: aisel architects
Team: Aysel Kononenko, Karina Sidorenko
Photo: Alexey Pedko

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