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Nou: Minimalism in Apartment by Studio m-i-r-a

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The architectural and design studio m-i-r-a based in Barcelona designed a small apartment in which the history of the building blends outwards. The brick wall of the two-room apartment in the Raval district of Barcelona gave the interior an aesthetic look and a kind of flair combined with clean white walls. The living room in a rectangular shape, in which the owners in this case, a young family cannot find much furniture, has each wall in a different design, similar to a bedroom. The ceiling part reflects the side walls and tries to divide and optically enlarge a small space in each room. In terms of material, the interior is really simple with a small touch of Scandinavian design in the form of a white sofa, canvas carpets, geometric tiles or white color. The apartment is a place for real minimalists.

Size: 67m2. Photography: Gael del Río.

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