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Architectural gem of minimalism on border of water and adrenaline

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The developing architecture in the field of recreational sports stands out in the “Nautical Sports Development & Promotion Center” project. This innovative complex is not only a sports center, it is an architectural gem that harmoniously combines functionality with style. The architects transformed the former old school into the mentioned facility. Its exceptional design is not only an aesthetic pleasure, but also a grouping of adventure and relaxation right on the border of water.

The vision of the project was to open a center whose integral part will be water sports, therefore the location of the building near the water is strategic and allows guests to experience sports adventures in close connection with nature. The complex is composed of several buildings that cascade along the coast. Their modern and futuristic shapes emphasize the dynamics of water sports. Glass walls and open spaces ensure visual contact with the surrounding environment and offer panoramic views of the surrounding Portuguese countryside. The aesthetics of the building is not limited to functional use, in this case the modern design is complemented by natural elements, especially wood, which adds an organic touch to the project. The floor here has been preserved. Solid pine wood is therefore the original material in the interior. „In order for the interior to be reminiscent of the sea, aluminum panels were created with drawings of marine motifs cut in “CNC”, namely in the division between the hall and the living room and the bar counter.“

This 33 square meter space was designed so that guests can find not only their privacy but also be a part of the adrenaline world of water sports and its enthusiasts. „As a whole, this work is the result of the sum of small-scale spaces, namely, a gym, a training room, a dining room, a bar, changing rooms, and medical support, which dynamizes and intends to support local water sports, based on existing infrastructure.“ When designing the center, emphasis was placed on sustainability. Solar panels and rainwater harvesting are just some of the elements that reduce the ecological footprint of the complex. In addition, the center provides educational activities related to nautical sports and environmental protection. This makes it not only a place of entertainment, but also an inspiration for the next generations of athletes and nature conservationists.

Architecture: Rómulo Neto Arquitetos
Photography: Ivo Tavares Photography

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