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Almost completely glazed black nest overlooking the Pacific Ocean

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The architects from the AGB Arquitectos studio were tasked with building the simplest possible house and reducing the interior to only the bare essentials. La Vega de Pupuya in Navidad became the location of this little black nest on a plot of land surrounded by pine trees and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They tried to hide the house as much as possible from unnecessary noise so that nature would become the main point, so they placed it in the lower part of the plot.

„The plot was the main driver of how to solve the project, on one hand, we had an imposing sea view and on the other a pine forest in a context of ravines where this house is immersed, in response to this, we decided to locate the house in the lowest part of the plot, being very sheltered from any type of information outside the place, this also translates into the transparency and opacity of its facades.“

This small nest looks a bit austere and cold with its black facade, but the interior is very cozy and connected to nature. The wooden cladding plays its role here together with the gable roof painted with zinc coating. „As for the materiality, the house is structured in traditional wood carpentry, its interior and exterior cladding are made of wood and corrugated pre-painted zinc lining on the roof“, write the project architects. An almost invisible entrance through a robust wooden door is located in the rear part through which the owners or guests find themselves in the main space. The interior system keeps the entire space connected and at the same time separated from each other by two parts on a small 50 square meter area. One side is social and the other is relaxing. Right under the aforementioned gable roof, the architects created a small space for visitors. The interior from a design point of view is very simple, where every minimalist can find their spirit. All walls, ceilings and floors are made of wood for an excellent unification of the entire space, and the furniture is selected with great taste for detail.

Architecture: AGB Arquitectos
Photography: Rodrigo Daza

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