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Wooden Cabin at 1,066 Meters by Architect Jon Danielsen Aarhus

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Architect Jon Danielsen Aarhus built a year-round habitable cabin for his family at the foot of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau at 1,066 meters above sea level, which fit beautifully into the Norwegian vegetation. At such a height, it was not always easy to bring the material, and if the road was blocked, they had to do it by helicopter. „The groundworks were done manually to preserve the slow-growing vegetation one finds at such altitudes in Norway.“ The cabin lined with pine wood overlooking Lake Ustevann exudes simplicity and wild charisma. „The outside of the building had to be finished during the short summer months. The rest was completed mid-winter.“
We think the family is more minimalist than materialistic, which we really admire. Inside you will not find too much furniture or unnecessary decorations. Thanks to the glass panorama, the living room is almost entirely immersed in nature, which they can also see through the kitchen. The master bedroom gained the scenery of nature through a rectangular window and the other rooms fit into the overall unification of the cottage. „The tilted ceiling, in combination with the “open” wall, alludes to the gapahuk, a Norwegian ur-type of improvised shelter used when hiking.“ The architect created a meaningful cottage where wood, glass or steel meets in the finest details.
Area (inside space): 72m2. Location: Hol municipality, Norway. Photographs: Knut Bry.

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