Typical Dutch House in Modern Way has Strong Relationship with Rotterdam

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The house from 1956 was renovated by architects from the studio Arjen Reas into a modern building which retains the architectural appearance of typical Dutch houses. The family house for a two-member household is located in the Hillegersberg – Schiebroek district of Rotterdam. „Because of the love for this part of the city, our client bought this property, but it lacked the desired spaciousness and comfort to grow old here“, write the architects.

The inconspicuous house with many windows hides a modernist interior with an artistic touch and a number of beautiful paintings. Massive windows facing out into the garden and set along the entire length of the wall bring more openness and plenty of air. „A glass box with a wide open feel to the garden, where the passage between the two should be an invitation to move.“

The kitchen and spacious living room are separated by a wall with storage space at the end of which is a stylish glass fireplace giving warmth to both rooms. A narrower spiral staircase leads to the upper part of the house where there is a bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe. The designers made the most of the entire space to become not only a nice place, but also a functional home for the family. This terraced house with a “glass box” in the middle of a green oasis looks elegant, with a small dose of minimalist aesthetics and austere position around almost identical houses.

Photographer: Luc Buthker

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