Lisbon Minimalist Houses Hidden behind Brick Facade

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Lisbon Street 156, Rua da Junqueira in Portugal boasts a renovated architectural section where the old warehouses were located, but now there are unique houses hidden behind a distinctive brick facade. „The only similarity with the current reality is the arch, which has been kept. All the rest has changed for the better.“ The architects from Rebelo de Andrade wanted to maintain the balance between the exterior and the interior by reconstruction, while the owners will not feel low privacy but at the same time they will be perfectly freed from other two or three-room luxury houses. „Although this is a gated condominium, we do not feel walled in.“
The interior of the house is already in completely different colors than the main brick facade, after which you will not find any traces inside. The timeless interior is designed in pure white in combination with fine wood and the owners can choose their own special design, which creates a wonderful difference and not just an ordinary monochrome building. „The buildings are open to the sunlight and the surrounding trees stop people’s eyes from wandering to the encircling walls.“ Lisbon’s architectural diversity boasts a perfectly hidden building where families can find their luxury housing.
Photography: João Guimarães – JG Photography. Area: 1949 m2. Architecture: LuÍs Rebelo de Andrade, Rita Medina, Raquel Jorge, Pedro Duarte Silva, Madalena Rebelo de Andrade.

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